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(Formerly known as Mistress C. Now “Lady Claire” for short)

I am a Sensual Domme specializing in exquisitely seductive and sensually devious BDSM play. I’m a petite priestess of the erotic arts. My style is comprised much more of the sweetly seductive than the sadistic or cruel. Think coquettish pixie more than leather clad Elvira. Heavier players are encouraged to look elsewhere. Those who are new to BDSM or who revel in sensual seduction and kinky mischief are invited to play.

I have been perfecting my sensual art forms since 2005, and to this day continue integrating sensuality (body) and spirituality (spirit) in all areas of my life.

Rates & Duration for BONDASSAGE sessions

Rates below are for Bay Area in-call session time ONLY

Basic Sessions
$500/60 minutes
$600/90 minutes
$800/2 hours

Advanced Sessions
$1000/Luxury session
(30-minute spa time + 2 hours massage + 3 add-ons + post-session gifts) 

$1000/Your Erotic Evolution package
(60-minute intimacy coaching + 2 hour Bondassage session)


Let's get started!

If you’re a new client, please fill out and submit my NEW CLIENT INTAKE FORM so I can complete your screening and we can schedule a personally curated introduction to erotic evolution for you!
Lady Claire Erice
bondassage certified practitioner gold

A Bondassage session with me incorporates:

  • wrist and ankle restraint (plus optional collaring) combined with a variety of sensual sensory focusing tools to your comfort level
  • a blind fold to cover your eyes and turn the volume up on your other senses
  • optional music journey with noise cancelling headphones
  • impact play with floggers, canes, paddles, hand, and more to heighten sensation all over your body
  • tease-and-denial to devilishly amplify your turn-on
  • unexpected surprises, plus sensational twists-and-turns all along the way

BONDASSAGE is the multi-dimensional, erotically inspiring experience you’ve been wishing for! Let’s explore this sensually kinky fantasy together. YES is the only answer as you fall down the rabbit hole of your own erotic surrender.

My Experience & Trainings ~

My Background in This Work
In 2009 I began my formal explorations of BDSM, studying closely with Pro-Dommes in Sweden, Holland and the Bay Area, and becoming certified as a Bondassage practitioner in the summer of 2010. I have been combining my Dominant skills with my love of sensual massage, creating a juicy medley of provocative play ever since.

I have had the good fortune of studying and working with an array of teachers in the realms of body work, energy work, Tantra, Shamanic studies, and BDSM.

My Teachers and Mentors
Most notable are my late mentor Shakti Malan (Shakti Shiva Academy), Kenneth Ray Stubbs (author of Erotic Massage and Women of the Light), Baba Dez Nichols (founder of the International School of Temple Arts), Betty Martin (creator of the School of Consent and Wheel of Consent), Reid Mihalko (creator of Cuddle Party), Jaeleen Bennis (creator of Bondassage®), Eve Minax, Cleo Dubois and Selena Raven (Academy of SM Arts), Master Hines (Loving Dominance) Midori (creator of Rope Dojo™), and Jaiya (creator of the Erotic Blueprints™).

My Style
I create a sensually alluring session that blends the very best of erotic massage with the more sensual side of kink, including bondage, Dom/sub dynamics, light corporal play, tease and denial, and so much more.

I look forward to curating a unique and personalized experience of Bondassage for you!!


My Clients’ Feedback

Lady Claire

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