I’m Lady
Claire Erice

based in Oakland, California

Why Evolve Erotically?

There comes a point in one’s living and loving where larger questions begin to bubble to the surface.

Starting with “Is this all there is?” and “What more might be possible?” all the way to “What parts of my erotic self have I disowned” and “Which parts of my erotic self am I ready to expand into?”

This is Erotic Evolution.

Evolving erotically is important because ruts, habits, patterns, compromises, and sexless dissatisfaction don’t need to be tolerated in our intimate lives. The truth is, there are endless erotic landscapes to explore, activities to experience, growth to welcome, and evolution to support.  

A lifetime of pleasure is possible for any of us when we’re willing to open up to what else is possible!

The wonderful world of Erotic Blueprints, full body sensual massage, and deep relaxation awaits you with my skillful guidance

My Offerings

I can help you learn how to use pleasure to deepen mindfulness, expand presence, and take you on a journey to spirit!

FBSM in Oakland with Lady Claire Erice


A full body sensual massage (FBSM) session is an experience of total relaxation for your body, mind, spirit & soul. These sessions are inspired by the 5 Erotic Blueprints.

Lady Claire


Meet Lady Claire Eryx, a sensual Dominant with a decade and a half of experience with Bondassage™, sensual kink, CFNM, & tease-and-denial play. 

Lady Claire


Imagine a massage table with a strategically placed hole for you to experience unique sensations and stimulation with hands and/or various sex toys.


Anam Cara means “Soul Friend.” These sessions blend individualized sex coaching with focused 1:1 guidance, deeply attuned listening and personalized insight.

What My Clients Are Saying...

Enjoy an erotically enlivening and transformative massage with me!

Not entirely sure what you might be interested in?

This quick guide with links might help:

New to sensual massage? Start with my signature sensual massage session, the Prince

Want to try something completely new? A Milking Table session might be up your alley.

Interested in something a little kinky? Bondassage awaits you!

Eager to learn new things or transform old things? A coaching session is for you.

Want to explore all my massage offerings to decide? Click here

Full Body Sensual Massage in Oakland with Lady Claire Erice

Your Erotic Evolution is...

…a shift from focusing on instant and one-off pleasure to focusing on the depths of radical ecstasy and erotic expansion.

…a sacred space for body work and erotic education sessions, experiences & coaching intensives to guide the development of your greatest erotic fulfillment.

For Full Body Sensual Massage in Oakland, Lady Claire Erice

Experience my nourishing environment

During your time with me, I encourage you to be curious…especially about yourself. I invite you to ask questions and engage me in conversation about sexuality, intimacy, relationships, even personal growth and spiritual topics.

All of my training and gifts are at your service. You can expect exquisite touch, intelligent guidance, a hot shower, chocolates, lovely music, candles, sweet smells…all the richness and beauty of the Divine Feminine.

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