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I'll teach you how to create sensually alluring sessions that blend the very best of erotic massage with the more sensual side of kink!


Take your sensual + erotic sessions to the next level

Gain professional skills in:

~ Bondassage®
~ Elysium
~ Milking Table

(“Lady Claire” for short)

I’m a Sensual Dominant with a decade and a half of experience with Bondassage, K
ink/BDSM, sensual massage, Taoist erotic massage, Urban Tantra, Erotic Blueprints, and more.

My teaching style is focused yet playful.
At the core of my teaching is guidance around the importance of attunement and building rapport with your clients.

I entered the world of the erotic and tantric arts as a sensual bodyworker in 2005. I became a Bondassage practitioner in 2010 and a trainer in 2023. I’m currently a senior faculty member at the Shakti Shiva Academy. I love my work and am deeply honored to get to train others in the realms of exquisite touch, sensual kink, and conscious erotic fulfillment. 

Practitioner Training Options, Duration & Rates

Rates below are for my Bay Area in-call location ONLY

BONDASSAGE practitioner training
2 day training

BONDASSAGE + MILKING TABLE practitioner combo training
2 day training

BONDASSAGE + ELYSIUM practitioner combo training 
3 day training

BONDASSAGE + ELYSIUM + MILKING TABLE practitioner trio-training
3 day training

2 hours

MILKING TABLE VIP training (includes a milking table)
2 hours


Milking Massage Table with Glory Hole

A Bondassage certification training with me includes:

  • Professional training in the Bondassage, Elysium and/or Milking Table sequences + related skill sets
  • A copy of the copyrighted Bondassage sequence and 43-page practitioner manual
  • A copy of the Elysium sequence and manual (if training in Elysium)
  • Instruction in accessing your inner Dominant, creating safe and comfortable bondage, and delighting your client with exciting sensation play, tantalizing massage techniques, and trance-inducing body percussion
  • A Certified Bondassage and/or Elysium Practitioner certificate suitable for framing
  • A Certified Bondassage and/or Elysium Practitioner banner for your website
  • Free advertising on the Bondassage website
  • Bi-weekly community Zoom calls
  • An invitation to the yearly Bondassage practitioner retreat in Chicago the first week of July
  • Ongoing continuing education and community support via the private Bondassage Facebook group
  • Access to the private Bondassage practitioner resource website
  • One 60-minute follow up phone consultation with Lady Claire plus on-going email support

My Experience, Mentors & Style

My Background in This Work
In 2009 I began my formal explorations of BDSM, studying closely with Pro-Dommes in Sweden, Holland and the Bay Area, and becoming certified as a Bondassage™ practitioner in the summer of 2009. I have been combining my Dominant skills with my love of sensual massage, creating a juicy medley of provocative play ever since.

I have had the good fortune of studying and working with an array of teachers in the realms of body work, energy work, Tantra, Shamanic studies, and BDSM.

My Teachers and Mentors
Most notable are my late mentor Shakti Malan (Shakti Shiva Academy), Kenneth Ray Stubbs (author of Erotic Massage and Women of the Light), Baba Dez Nichols (founder of the International School of Temple Arts), Betty Martin (creator of the School of Consent and Wheel of Consent), Reid Mihalko (creator of Cuddle Party), Jaeleen Bennis (creator of Bondassage™), Eve Minax, Cleo Dubois and Selena Raven (Academy of SM Arts), Master Hines (Loving Dominance), Midori (creator of Rope Dojo™), and Jaiya (creator of the Erotic Blueprints™).


My Style

I create a sensually alluring session that blends the very best of erotic massage with the more sensual side of kink, including bondage, Dom/sub dynamics, light corporal play, tease and denial, and so much more.

I look forward to curating a unique and personalized training for you!!


Whereas Bondassage® focuses on a variety of sensations with implements and tools, leather bondage, and a constant increasing and decreasing of intensity to amplify the 5 senses, Elysium is focused on lots of slow, soft touch, silky bondage, minimal impact play, and lots and lots of edging. Elysium is, by design, a slower, softer, more sensual and seductive kind of experience for clients.

Over the 2 days you will be walked through the Bondassage® sequence during a complete Bondassage® session, then you will complete 3 practice sessions on demo models to make sure you understand the various elements that make Bondassage® unique.

You will learn basic bondage skills, simple cock and ball ties, how to sensually wield various BDSM implements (flogger, cane, crop, etc), how to incorporate various types of sensation play into the session, how to do set up and clean up before and after a session, how to start and end a session, and more.

We will also review the supply list so you can equip your workspace with the proper supplies and equipment. We’ll discuss how to weave Bondassage® into your previously existing business or how to start your practice from scratch, including an exercise around pricing.

We will walk you through a client intake protocol, as well as empower you with knowledge of how to lead the session and bring the client into and out of submissive headspace.

By the end of the training, you will feel more than ready to bring your Bondassage® skills to your current clients as well as to new clients.

This training includes a 43-page Bondassage® manual as well as basic supplies for your Bondassage® sessions.

Much like the Bondassage® training, during the 1 day Elysium training we will walk you through the Elysium sequence during a complete Elysium session, then you will complete an additional practice session on a demo model to make sure you understand the various elements that make Elysium an incredibly enjoyable and arousing experience.

We will build on top of the skills you develop during your Bondassage® training and provide you even more knowledge, practice and mastery of sensual BDSM/kink and erotic massage.

You will receive a manual as well as guidance on how to seamlessly include Elysium into your current or brand new practice.

A milking table is a massage table with a strategically placed hole cut into it in the region of the pelvis. Using this hole, you can add extra sensations and stimulation to your massage from above and below the table.

A Milking Table makes for a uniquely one-of-a-kind session that is not commonly offered.

Having this training and skill under your belt will set you apart from others in your area and will have clients eager to visit you for such an exciting experience.

The Milking Table training is a two hour introduction to the table with thorough instruction on how to craft your milking table offering. I will share with you my best practices as well as how to do prep and clean up.

You will get to experience my top-of-the-line milking table, and I will walk you through the elite experience it can create for clients.

You’ll have an opportunity to purchase a table either separately or as a package offering with your training.

This fee will be dependent on distance + travel time.

+ For a destination in the Bay Area area within 20-ish miles of my space in Oakland, Ca, there is a $200 supply transport fee.
+ For a destination in the Bay Area that requires an hour or more of drive time, there is a $200 transport fee + $100/30 minutes for drive time each way (which we will estimate and include in your total training fee prior to our training) This rate may be negotiable; we can discuss.
+ For a destination a lengthy distance out of my area, I charge $200 supply transport fee plus $200/hr drive time OR you pay my flight and travel expenses which includes $100/per diem for food/incidentals and $500/day for travel/flight days.

I strongly encourage students to train with me at my space when possible to avoid these additional fees; however, I’m willing to work with you to reduce costs if training at your space is the most viable option. 

I offer discounts and partial scholarships on a very limited basis. Please fill out my training application and we can discuss options.

I do offer special rates for BIPOC & LGBTQIA+ folx, as well as sex educators. Please fill out my training application and we can discuss options.

Additionally, I offer a $1000 discount if you bring a friend to train with you. You’ll both get $1000 off of the training fee.

I offer payment plans; however the balance must be paid in full by the day we begin our training.

I accept all major credit cards, PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Zelle and bank transfer. Cash is also welcome. A 5% service fee is added to credit card payments. Please select “Friends and Family” only if using PayPal.

If you’re coming in from out of town, you are welcome to stay in my cozy guest room at no additional charge.

My Clients’ Feedback

Lady Claire

Evolve Erotically, not just for yourself!

“Know thyself” has been a guiding phrase for me my entire adult life. A huge part of knowing ourselves, in my estimation, is knowing, exploring and understanding ourselves as dynamically responsive erotic beings. 

So many of us grow up with thick and debilitating conditioning as it relates to sexuality. We become frozen by this conditioning into habits and patterns that can be difficult to grow out of. Part of my calling in this life is to support those who come to me for training and mentoring with a big boost of erotic permission and possibilities!

When you allow yourself to evolve erotically, whatever that might mean to you, you help liberate others on planet Earth by giving them a similar access to permission and possibilities also. And when one of us is liberated, the whole world is that much closer to Heaven on Earth!

I’m excited to help you evolve into the Pleasure Activist the world needs you to be and that you long to become!

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